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Man Compensated $1,350,000 After Spinal Trauma From Car Accident
Oct 2018
by Yuriy Prakhin

Man Compensated $1,350,000 After Spinal Trauma From Car Accident

Facts: A 71 y.o man was traveling back from a dental appointment when a car blew a stop sign and collided with his vehicle.

Injuries and consequences: The plaintiff’s suffered severe spine trauma during the collision. The injury eliminated his ability to move his lower extremities without pain. Thus causing trouble with bladder and bowel control, respiration, and other functions. After months of physical therapy he was able to use a walker to keep his balance. Pain relief injections have helped ease some discomfort.

Arguments of the defendant: Injuries were obtained because he was traveling too quickly along the main avenue therefore the defendant didn’t have time to stop his vehicle from crashing into his.

Our arguments: Driving laws are that cars must be at a complete stop at a stop sign. At no point is someone allowed to go past a stop sign because they assume no one is coming. Stop signs are placed as such to prevent collisions and not that they should be ignored. The plaintiff was not the one who had a stop sign to adhere to. Our expert physician showed from MRI images the damage caused by being hit with such impact. His opinion suggests that while his medical procedures have been helpful, there’s no saying how his injury can affect other bodily functions on a day to day basis.

Result: The verdict ordered that the plaintiff receive $1,350,000 as a result of his spinal trauma due to the car accident.

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