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Medication Said To Treat Type-2 Diabetes Lead To Severe Complications
Oct 2018
by Paula Pinto

Invokana has been a risk factor for those suffering from type-2 Diabetes. Gruesome side effects of the drug has resulted in foot amputations due to ulcers and swelling of the limbs.

How’s it that a drug that has been manufactured to help diabetes sufferers actually causing them greater distress? It’s a harsh reality that many are living with.  

A recent case by someone who had their foot amputated stated that Johnson&Johnson has neglected to warm him of the risk of this happening. The  plaintiff is one of many patients that is suing for having to have their foot amputated because of Invokana.

The well known drug is popular among those with type-2 diabetes because it is supposed to alert the kidney to rid high levels of blood sugar through urination. This keeps the patients blood from becoming too acidic so that it doesn’t progress into fatal kidney damage and diabetic ketoacidosis.

With the promise of Invokana controlling high levels of blood sugar in the body many patients were eager to take it. However, shortly after starting the plaintiff developed a foot infection from diabetes that led to sepsis and gangrene in his foot. Sadly, he had to have his foot amputated.

Due to these complications, type-2 diabetes patients can develop ulcers and severe fluid retention in their lower limbs and makes them vulnerable to infections. Lower limb amputation is sometimes the only viable treatment option to treat these problems, which permanently impacts the patient’s life. He also had serious kidney problems and declining health.

In May of 2017 the FDA stated that canagliflozon medications such as Invokana can heighten the risk of lower extremity amputations. The news was released following many injury reports and are trying to see if the medication doesn’t work or if some patients were unresponsive to it.

Even though the risk of lower limb amputation is awful, Johnson & Johnson didn’t provide a warning on Invokana’s label. The plaintiff said that he would not have taken Invokana if he knew about the severe risks there was. He may have not been an amputee today.

Settlements for financial compensation have been as high as $500,000 for those who have had a foot amputation due to Invokana.  However, it is important to let others know who might not be aware of the risks that have been associated with this drug. Many are still taking the drug without knowledge of the serious affects it has potentially caused.

If you have suffered from any of the ailments posted above of have had to have an amputation after taking Invokana you should contact a lawyer. Prakhin Law Office is here to assist you. Please contact us at 877-245-0135.

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