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Riding Your Bike or Driving A Car- Put Safety First
Oct 2018
by Yuriy Prakhin

Bicycle riding is extremely common in the United States, especially in big cities where parking is tough and there’s no competition for a spot for your bike. It’s not unlikely that if you take a look during your morning commute you’ll see business men and women peddling to work. Also, there’s been a great emphasis on better caring for our bodies and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating exercise into our daily routine has meant bike riding for many. Millennials often ride their bike to and from college, to the beach, to meet up with friends etc.

In North Carolina there was a study that showed how those who rode bicycles were eight times more likely to be killed by a car than those in Oregon. The states that have built bike lanes have made commuting by bike to be so much safer. Some states spend as much as 5% of their transportation budget on bike lanes and pedestrian walkways. North Carolina doesn’t a fraction of that on it. Therefore those riding bikes continue to suffer from accidents. While there are new laws to protect bikers, there has to be a focus on safer places for them to ride.  

If safety isn’t placed on the cyclists in some states than we ought to provide information that’s beneficial to them. This advice may seem like common sense but it should be applied.

If you’re riding a bike be sure to wear a helmet. There’s no reason for your head to be uncovered and unprotected. Brain injuries can be fatal or extremely life altering. Be sure to follow the rules when riding your bike as far as where you can and can’t ride. Don’t compete with traveling on a path where construction work is done merely because there isn’t a sign that says “caution.” Cameras on bicycle helmets are common these days. The camera can help reveal what happened if there is an accident and by doing so it helps you to win a case if injured.
Nevertheless, drivers can’t feel totally responsible for some accidents. It isn’t always the driver that is at fault although that doesn’t make the occurrence of what happened any easier. There are people who ride bikes and don’t follow any the rules regarding them. If the person riding the bike chooses to be reckless and collides with your car, the biker can be liable for the damage. Yes, a biker can be responsible for the damage it causes a car even if they were struck by it. Bikers must consider the safety of others as well. Both someone riding a bike and someone driving a car are supposed to follow the law and if one breaks it, that is who is at fault.

If you have been in an accident while riding a bike or if were a driver that was in a accident due to someone recklessly bike riding please contact the Yuriy Prakhin Law office at 877-245-0135.

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