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Victoria Secret Model Sues Hilton Hotel For Bed Bug Infestation
Oct 2018
by Paula Pinto

Model Sabrina Jales St. Pierre has modeled for some of the most well known labels in the modeling industry. However, the model’s career was affected after being attacked by bed bugs.

The infestation of bed bugs resulted in welts that covered her body after staying at a hotel in Palm Desert, California. The Palm Desert Embassy Suites by Hilton was swamped with these bed bugs and her bites caused her not to be able to work for two months. The Victoria’s Secret model has filed a lawsuit against the hotel and it is one of other hotels that is listed in an I-Team investigation. The investigation is exposing sanitary problems at Southern California hotels.  

“I literally wanted to rip my skin off. The first morning, when I woke up, I noticed a couple of bites on my arm, but I didn’t think anything of it. And then, the second morning is when I noticed all the bites, and that’s when it got worse,” said Jales St Pierre.

The horrible incident left the model with approximately 90 bed bug bites. Her attorney, Brian Virag, likened what happened to her a massacre.

Police sergeants Gary Bruce had a similar experience to Jales St. Pierre. After staying at the same hotel he noticed red bite marks on his skin. He stated that he’s without a doubt certain that they are bed bug bites. He is now suing the hotel as well.

Sergeant Bruce was one of the officers in the OJ Simpson car chase in 1994.

Regarding Jales St Pierre’s allegations, the hotel released a statement which said “With regard to this incident, our guest reported she felt she had been bitten by bedbugs on her lower legs,” the hotel added. We have a very comprehensive protocol in the event a guest reports any situation affecting their personal well-being. Whenever there is a claim of bites from any number of pests we have a protocol we follow to investigate. Our management immediately upon learning of Ms. Jales’ allegation that she had bug bites, she was relocated to a different room. In addition, as a gesture of hospitality, the hotel dry-cleaned all her laundry. Hotel Management then proceeded to inspect the guest room for pests. The inspection of the room did not reveal any evidence of bedbugs. The Hotel took additional precautionary steps by contacting an outside pest control company. The pest control company reported and documented there was no evidence of any pest in the room, including bed bugs. We deny the allegations put forth in the press and social media.”

Nevertheless, it’s important to know where to look for evidence of bed bugs when you are staying at a hotel. The bugs are found on mattresses, box springs, behind picture frames, on baseboards and headboards as well as on night stands and other parts of the room. A bed bug can hide on curtains, in drawers, on wallpaper etc. In fact, they’re very good at hiding during the day because they are nocturnal and most bites occur in the evening.  

If you have recently stayed at a hotel be sure to check your suitcase and garments to ensure that these pests haven’t traveled back with you.

Must Minor Car Accidents Be Reported?
Oct 2018
by Yuriy Prakhin

You’re in a parking lot at the mall backing up your car and accidentally another car hits you from behind. No one is hurt, there doesn’t appear to be any damage so do you have to report it? Depending upon the cause as well as the law for the state you live in, it may have to be reported.

Plenty of states demand that you report an accident for even the slightest injury. Sometimes there’s no injury at all but there’s minimal damage to a car but that must be reported also. If the cost of repairing the damage exceeds $1,000 many states require that you report it.

All states require that you exchange phone numbers with the other driver as well as driver’s insurance information for even minor accidents. If the other driver refuses to comply you should call the police. Even minor accidents can get driver’s worked up so if there is any kind of argument that is not getting resolved you ought to call the police. The attending officers will be able to gather information if there were witnesses and write a report of the damage to the vehicles as well as any injuries that might have occurred. If you weren’t hurt that’s still not enough of a reason not to call. Many times injuries aren’t felt until days or even a week or so after the accident. If you don’t notify the police and feel the results of the injury weeks later, the other driver can deny that the accident took place. Therefore, it is important that you have this all documented.

Insurance companies require that you report the accident. If you don’t do so you can face repercussions later on regarding your car insurance.

If you don’t report the accident and down the line the other driver says that you hit his car and took off, the insurance company is not responsible to pay for medical expenses. They can deny to protect you because you didn’t report the accident as you were told to. So by trying to avoid an increase in your premium it may very well cost you much more in the end.

You don’t have to report an accident to your insurance company if no other vehicle was involved. If you accidentally hit your own property such as your garage or front gate than there’s no argument with another driver who can claim to have been injured. No one can state that you damaged their vehicle because there wasn’t another vehicle. An isolated event doesn’t need to be reported. However, if you were hurt than you should take proper steps and go see your doctor. Sometimes even minor injuries can impact a driver whether that is physically or emotionally so don’t reject to get the assistance needed in the case that it’s caused you any kind of pain or suffering. Only you know how your body feels in such circumstances and so you must ensure that you receive help if needed.